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Estate Planning & Administration

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At Pieper Law, we serve the estate planning needs for a wide-range of individuals and families who are planning their affairs in anticipation of future success.  Specifically, we advise and represent our clients in the following:

  • Preparing basic wills, trusts, financial power of attorneys, medical power of attorneys, and related ancillary estate planning documents.

  • Engaging in income, gift, estate, and GST tax planning through the use of various trust arrangements and other entities.

  • Planning for the transition of ownership and management of family businesses.

  • Engaging in asset protection planning techniques.

  • Effectuating tax efficient inheritance of qualified retirement assets.

  • Planning for the consequences of severe illness or mental disability.

  • Testate and intestate probate administration.

  • Trust administration and postmortem estate/tax planning.

  • Will and trust contests.

  • Guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.

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